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Pele Yoeitz volume 1 - Haas Family Edition

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A Vital Classic, Translated and Elucidated

Pele Yoeitz is an encyclopedia of Jewish ethics, prayer, behavior, guidance, and thought authored by the renowned 19th-century halachic authority, ethicist, and kabbalist Rav Eliezer Papo. Pele Yoeitz was written two hundred years ago, but it speaks to our generation as if it were written today. The author covers a wide variety of topics, in alphabetical order, from aleph to tav. He doesn’t preach or rebuke. He teaches and discusses. He leads us by the hand. He blends higher aspirations, demands for growth, and an astounding command of Torah sources with a keen awareness of human nature. The serious reader cannot fail to be inspired to grow.
This is Volume 1 (letters Alef thru Hey) of what will be a four-volume set.

From the author’s introduction:
“[People] should study my sefer and deliver public lectures [based upon] my words in shuls and study halls… I will repay with the choicest [of compensation] anyone from whom I received benefit [through their study and the teaching of my words]…”