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Mother of Kings / Megillas Ruth


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Ruth is one of the most inspiring figures in all of Scripture. She was a Moabite princess who spurned her royal background to join a new nation. She wanted to be a Jewess, and she was determined to accompany her mother-in-law, Naomi, to Eretz Yisrael.

Both were bereaved. Both were destitute. Ruth had to go out and glean in the fields for sheaves of grain, to feed herself and Naomi. What could be less significant than another pauper looking for stray sheaves of grain? But the history of the People of Israel was being written in that field. Only a great man could perceive the hidden majesty in that forlorn woman scrounging in a strange field. A great man was there ש Boaz, the leader of Israel. Boaz and Ruth became the forebears of the Davidic dynasty.

In this book, a master scholar and teacher displays the outstanding scope of his scholarship and originality as he gleans new meaning and lessons in the Book of Ruth. Rabbi Eliezer Ginsburg, the revered rav and rosh kollel, is at the top of his form in this exceptional work. In his expert hands and fertile mind, classic teachings take on new luster, as he mines the words of Scripture for hitherto unseen teachings.

Rabbi Ginsburg's loyal congregants have long flocked to hear his scintillating discourses. Now we can all hear him through the printed word, in this challenging, enjoyable, and enlightening commentary on the beautiful story of Ruth, the Mother of Kings.