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HaMafteach L'Talmud Bavli Expanded Edition Hebrew

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The newly expanded and updated Hebrew HaMafteach HaChadash encompassing all of Shas Bavli and Mishnayos in one volume, is your "key" to opening up the Talmud, and enabling you to locate virtually every topic, saying, anecdote, maxim, parable, significant subject matter, Talmudic and Rabbinical law, Biblical exegesis, and Biblical and Talmudic personalities, mentioned in Shas Bavli and Mishnayos.

HaMafteach® HaChadash includes approximately 78,102 subject matter entries and sub-entries, with 92,400 Talmudic and Mishnayos sources ( Mare Mekomos).

HaMafteach® HaChadash is an ideal gift, as well as an invaluable research tool for rabbis, educators, students, and all those who wish to "swim" in the Yam HaTalmud.”