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Earning a Living Earning a Life

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The daily grind. Grunt work. Working like a dog. If we view work as a curse, we’ll miss the incredible benefits that it gives us and all of humanity. For starters, it enables us to increase holiness in the world, open the channels of bounty from above, and spread the peace and security of Shabbat – our “day off” – to the rest of the week.

In this eye-opening book, Rebbe Nachman takes us all the way back to the Kabbalistic origins of Creation to explore the irresistible appeal of money, the reason everyone must work for it, and the forces that try to prevent us from achieving our goals. He also explains how to stay honest in a world filled with temptations and dishonesty, avoid worry, and budget time and personal obligations as well as finances. Did you ever think of work as a blessing? It is – and here’s how to enjoy the good life.

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