Chol HaMoed
Chol HaMoed
Chol HaMoed
Chol HaMoed
Chol HaMoed

Chol HaMoed

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A comprehensive review of the Laws of the Intermediate Days of the Festivals
By Rabbi Moshe Francis (Joint Author) Rabbi Dovid Zucker (Author)

Product Description

In an age of ever widening interest in contemporary halachah, this work represents the first comprehensive guide to the laws of Chol HaMoed ever published for the English-speaking public.

Within these pages, the authors present the laws of Chol HaMoed in a clear, smooth-flowing style with special emphasis on their practical application. Enthusiastically recommended by our leading Torah authorities, this sefer clarifies an important area of halachah which has long been unfamiliar to many.

Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches