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Ushpizin - The Seven Guests in the Succah Prayers, Commentary, and Insights


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By Rabbi Shai Graucher (Author)

Seven "guests" - the Ushpizin - visit us every year in our succah.
Isn't it time we understood who these Ushpizin are - and what we can gain from their presence?

Every night of Succos we "invite" the "Ushpizin- the 7 Shepherds of Israel" to join us in our succah. This fascinating and unusual book shows us the powerful impact these "guests" can have on our lives, if we know how to access that power.

Ushpizin includes a section on each of the individual Ushpizin, enabling us to learn from each tzaddik on his appointed day of Succos. By reading about each of the Ushpizin on his specific day, we can tap into their unique spiritual strengths and forge an unbreakable connection with the greatness of our forefathers.

Also includes:
-Seder Ushpizin
-Birchas HaMazon
-Candle lighting blessing and prayers
-Lulav blessing and prayers
-Prayers upon entering / exiting the Succah