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On My Own....But Not Alone

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By Ahava Ehrenpreis (Author)

Chizuk. Financial advice. Validation. Halachos. Personal narratives. Legal information. Therapeutic techniques.

And courage and tears and joy and coping and advice on how to deal with Shabbos and Yom Tov, insensitive remarks, loneliness, and everything else that goes with living on your own.

It's all here.

On My Own... But Not Alone is a book that is unique - and, especially in today's world, vital. It is a book for single women, widows, divorcees; indeed, for any woman dealing with the challenges of being alone. It is also a book for anyone who cares about these women, who wants to know how to help and not hurt them, how to be sensitive without prying, how to show understanding without pity.

On My Own... But Not Alone includes chapters by noted rabbanim and rebbetzins discussing hashkafic issues. A section by an attorney gives an overview of many of the legal issues faced after the passing of a spouse - as well as advice for married couples to ensure that they have properly prepared for all eventualities. A financial planner offers basic information necessary for single women, divorcees, and widows. Many women rely on their husbands for halachic advice; On My Own... But Not Alone shares halachic inquiries and responses from well-known poskim regarding specific questions that often faced by women on their own.

And, of course, there are the first-person narratives by women who face the challenges of being alone. With courage and honesty they share their journeys, their survival techniques, their triumphs, and their tears.

It's not easy to live on your own. But as we see from every page of this important book-you are not alone.

ISBN 9781422623312