Cases In Monetary Halachah

Cases In Monetary Halachah

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Contemporary issues and answers related to the laws of Choshen Mishpat for home, school and business d
By Rabbi Tzvi Spitz (Author)

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You sat down on someone’s glasses and broke them. Must you pay?

You set a trap for a trespasser and caught him -- but he was injured. Are you liable?

Someone spoke a shidduch and it worked! How much must you pay?

This is just a small sample of the everyday questions that are answered by Rabbi Tzvi Spitz, a dayan in Jerusalem. He is a great teacher as well as a judge. He poses the question, gives the answer -- and then explains the Talmudic and halachic reasoning for the answer.

See how the Halachah applies to common, day-to-day experiences.

This book is an adventure and an education!

Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches