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Broken Promises - Softcover


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Product Description

Promises, like hearts, can be broken.
And then someone has to pick up the pieces…

Libby Lazewnik, one of Jewish publishing's most beloved and gifted Jewish novelists, brings us a gripping and multi-layered story of promises made and broken, and of people facing challenges, often with grace and courage, sometimes — with denial and failure.

It seemed like such a great idea, proposing a shidduch between Yitzy Holstein and Tzivia Morris. Two prominent families in their small town, two really nice kids who immediately liked each other, two fine young people ready to begin building their very own beautiful Torah home…

Then came a sick child. A doctor’s visit. Meningitis. A lawsuit.

And these two fine families must deal with crisis, betrayal, self-awareness, and broken hearts.

Broken Promises offers us a strong and unusual story, told in the voices and through the eyes of many different characters. Originally serialized in The Voice of Lakewood, this is a riveting page-turner of a novel, entertaining, engaging and totally absorbing.