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A Canopy of Stars

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Beloved, bestselling author C.B. Weinfeld takes us on yet another journey to find hidden stars!

  • Moshe was homeless, disabled, down on his luck. Who would believe a casual invitation would lead to an unbelievable Pesach Seder miracle?
  • The partners' business trip was ending in disaster. Now the question was: could they find Hashem's hashgachah in Hong Kong?
  • It was almost Shabbos and the yeshivah bachur had no choice: he had to abandon his car near a bridge. The police, searching for a body in the river below, were not amused.

C.B. Weinfeld has the amazing ability to find a great story. She discovers heroes in the most unlikely places. In the shul's "kiddush club," where the chevra take on a tough job in order to help one of their members. In an oncology ward, where a hidden Chanukah menorah brings miraculous healing. At a child's birthday party, where a pepperoni pizza almost leads to tragedy.

Some of these true tales --which were originally published in Yated Ne'eman and Ami Magazine --touch the heart, others bring tears to our eyes or laughter to our lips. And all of them leave us amazed at the many varieties of greatness that exist in our people.

In A Canopy of Stars we will discover galaxies of goodness, constellations of caring. Because no one lights up the darkness quite like the men and women - the stars - in these engaging true stories.

ISBN 9781422623275