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Walking Mom Home

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Sharing the Blessings of This Life's Final Journey

Walking Mom Home is a daughter's poignant account of the time she spent with her mother in the last year of her mother's life. Mother and daughter joined forces to face the challenges of terminal illness and in the process grew in ways that neither could have imagined. They turned what could have been a difficult time into a powerful opportunity to know each other more fully, to strengthen the bond between them, to come closer to Hashem, and to find new meaning in life - and in death. The two stood at the door to the next world and faced the transition with love, faith, and equanimity.

On the other side of loss comes the equally powerful process of grieving. In this stage too, Walking Mom Home offers an uplifting and life-changing account that touches the depths of our soul, and helps us to open new doors.

This is a book about living and dying.

This is a book about loving and caring.

This is a book about the power of accompanying a loved one on her final journey - and going on from there.

In this powerfully emotional & inspiring book by the author of Inner Torah and Practical Inner Torah, Miriam Millhauser Castle gives a moving account of how she cared for her dying mother, how they faced this test with faith and equanimity, and how she transformed pain and loss into spiritual growth and meaning.