The Path of the Righteous Gentile

The Path of the Righteous Gentile

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An Introduction to the Seven Laws of the Children of Noah

G-d entrusted the Jews with 613 commandments - their unique purpose. What divine code of laws was given to non-Jews? This fascinating and well-researched work explores the Seven Noahide Laws, summarizing the Jewish teachings on this ancient doctrine and helping Gentiles gain clarity on their singular spiritual role. Topics explored include:

How should a Gentile observe his seven Torah laws?
What is considered theft?
Why is man forbidden to act on his impulses?
What is a Gentile's reward in the World to Come?

Comprehensive and instructive, this book is an essential guide for Gentiles...and an intriguing read for every Jew.
Discover your mission in life. Follow your G-d-given path.