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The Malbim Haggadah

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Make your Pesach/Passover seder meaningful with this brilliant, classic analysis of the Haggadah text. Elucidates its meaning, structure, and sequence in an enlightening and engaging manner.

Have you ever been perplexed by the structure of the Haggadah?

As a story, the text is chronologically out of order. As a halachic guide, it is unintelligible. It looks as if it's a randomly compiled and cryptic mosaic crying for order or explanation. This English rendition of the Malbim Hagaddah clears the confusion with its introductory essay’s breathtaking and brilliant analysis of the Pesach seder’s structure. Adapted from a recently rediscovered and rare edition of the Malbim’s commentary, this work demonstrates the Divine inspiration and wisdom behind the words of the Sages who redacted the Haggadah. While worth reading for the overview alone, the Hagaddah continues with the Malbim’s unique question-and-answer style of analysis, and grants us a deep, original, and insightful understanding of the Jewish Passover seder.