The Best Is Yet to Be

The Best Is Yet to Be

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Women Share Their Midlife Challenges and Triumphs

Women Share Their Midlife Challenges and Triumphs
Edited by Miriam Liebermann

In this ground-breaking anthology, Miriam Liebermann has collected the contemporary wisdom of rebbetzins, therapists, mentors, and friends who have made it through their twenties and thirties and who are now navigating their way through the uncharted midlife years and beyond.

As time moves on and the nest empties, women face new challenges and new joys. Often, this is a time when the balance of growth tilts from outward to inward, as we labor to actualize our vision of who we can become. At the same time, we are called upon to nurture our marriages and support our children, grandchildren , and elderly parents as well. As we grapple with the demands of our changing bodies and capabilities, we explore new vistas. And somewhere along the journey, we discover we're blossoming, emerging into the women we've always aspired to be.