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Terra Incognita

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A breathtaking novel that seamlessly weaves the tortured past with the conflicted present

"Papa, why is Grandpa so against strangers?" Vidal asked.
"Sant Joan Januz is a small village, a nice place to live. If people with different customs started moving in, our traditions would eventually disappear."

When Vidal Bonet returns to Sant Joan Januz after getting a business degree in New York, he comes with grandiose plans for building an upscale resort and breathing new life into the sleepy Catalan village. But he faces fierce opposition from the traditional villagers, including his beloved grandfather.

When Chaim Green, an Jewish anthropology student from Kansas, arrives in Sant Joan Januz it's with a dream of discovering the distant relatives his Nona Anna wrote about in her five-hundred-year-old diary. He hopes to uncover descendants of Anusim, Jews who pretended to be Christian while clinging to their Jewish customs. Instead he finds a wall of silence, false leads, and thinly veiled hostility.

Vidal and Chaim are both determined to fulfill their dreams, but the two visions soon collide. Only one can win, and the result will change them, and the people of Sant Joan Januz, forever.

Originally offered as a popular serialization in Mishpacha magazine, talented author Libi Astaire has expanded the story to create a beautifully crafted, intriguing novel about familial connections, ancient traditions, and the endurance of the Jewish people.