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Talmud Bavli - Shas Chasanim Medium - New Print - ש”ס חתנים החדש תלמוד בבלי

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Each page re-organized, and Ran Rosh Maharsha rearranged, with Ha’Gaos and Chidushim.

The Shas Chasanim edition of the Talmud is completely redone with all the standard commentaries and many other additions on the page. With the Rif in the back and much more.
1) The text of the Gemara and Tosfas is corrected from earlier editions of the Talmud.
2) The text of the Rashi is corrected from manuscripts and earlier editions.
3) “Mosef Rashi” – comments of Rashi from parallel gemaras included on the page.
4) “Lazei Rashi” – an explanation of the Old French words that appear in Rashi.
5) The commentary of Rabbeinu Chananel on Seder Moed corrected from manuscripts.
6) “Mesoras HaShas” – references to other locations in the Talmud, corrected with additional references.
7) “Ein Mispat” – references to Rambam, Smag, Tur and Shulchan Aruch, corrected with additional references.
8) “Torah Ohr HaShalem” – the quoted verse of Tanach in completion, with nekudos.
9) All pictures and diagrams have been carefully reviewed for accuracy.

Book Dimensions 12.8 x 9.4 "