Stand Your Ground

Stand Your Ground

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A riveting novel for teens and adults

I tore off a piece of paper and scrawled “I’m thinking of testifying” on it. I folded it into tiny pieces and held it in my hand. It would take one second to toss it onto Sasha’s desk. Two seconds for her to read it. And possibly three seconds for her opinion of me to change forever.

Fifteen-year-old Yakira Levi’s move to her new town seems too good to be true—she gains a slew of babysitting jobs, top grades, and most important ly, a few good friends. But that’s all before the ter rible accident. As Yakira struggles through grueling physical therapy, the support of her family and loyal friends keeps her going—until a shocking revelation tears her closest friendship apart, and she is forced to make a fateful decision that will irrevocably affect both of their lives.

Stand Your Ground, by Shoshana Mael, author of the best-selling Dancing in the Dark, is a compelling story of keeping a friendship strong against all odds, and making honest choices despite overwhelming pressure from all sides. Readers will gravitate toward its true-to-life characters, who must choose whether to back down and give in, or stay strong and stand their ground.