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A gripping tale by debut novelist Rochel Istrin

In one day, Zelda Levine's cozy world is split asunder.

Young and feisty Zelda must escape to far-off America when anti-Semitic villagers falsely accuse her of espionage. She must leave behind her two small children, Yosseleh and Ruchka, her violinist husband Leizer - and life as she's known it. With the outbreak of World War II, Leizer’s plans to join Zelda in America are destroyed; instead, he and the children escape into the Polish forests and join a group of partisans.

But even there, the family is not destined to remain together...

When the war finally ends, Zelda returns to the blood-soaked soil of Europe, searching for a family that was...

Ruchka finds refuge during the chaos, too young to remember her mother...

Zelda, Leizer, Yosseleh, and Ruchka are each left alone — searching.

Will they ever be reunited?

Will they ever piece together their life as they knew it?

In this gripping tale, debut novelist Rochel Istrin mesmerizes readers with a riveting historical backdrop, endearing characters, and a breathtaking plot. Searching is a book you will remember long after the final page is turned, as you join the Levines in their search for each other — and for themselves.