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Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller, International Author, Lecturer and beloved Teacher, brings the concept of Teshuvah (returning to Hashem) to us, in her succinct and unique way.

This book is her step-by-step guide to Teshuvah and lasting change.

How Teshuvah Really Works 

Unravel the riddle of exactly who you are; 

Discover the path that leads towards who you really want to be; 

Restore the deep bond between yourself and G-d; 

Learn tools for clarity, communication, and moral choice; 

Widen your perspective by seeing and acknowledging all the good G-d has given you; 

Begin tomorrow with a plan of action to navigate the days ahead.


"If we can, once and for all, find a way to be more awake, less complacent, and more alive, we are on the way towards…Teshuvah". (Tziporah Heller)"


For decades, the Rebbetzin has been inspiring women the world over. You, too, can share in her timeless wisdom and say:

'This time, things will be different'.