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Question Market

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Relevant, informative, and thought-provoking answers to contemporary questions on Jewish law, customs, and ethics

When does Shabbos end in Helsinki, where it never gets completely dark during the summer? Why did David pick the "Star of David" as his emblem? Can I "recharge" a glow-in-the-dark toy on Shabbos by holding it next to a light? Is there anything wrong with wearing pigskin gloves?
Culled from a decade's worth of questions on the "Ask the Rabbi" page on Ohr Somayach's popular website, this work reflects some of the most fascinating, modern questions about Jewish law and philosophy that are on the hearts and minds of today's generation. Topics ranging from organ donations to software pirating, from euthanasia on animals to eavesdropping in emails cover the gamut of halachic queries that men, women, scholars, and laymen from around the world have asked Ohr Somayach, seeking answers, wisdom, and the Torah's truth.