Orange Groves

Orange Groves

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A Novel

Laura Hirsch will stop at nothing to promote her daughter’s books — why shouldn’t Barbara get the fame and recognition she deserves? But a devastating contractual glitch forces Barbara to reconsider her publishing plans and her dreams of building a bridge between two distant segments of Israeli society.

Ronny Arzi’s unconventional family background has hindered his shidduch prospects time and again. Will he ever find a girl willing to look beyond his past, in order to build with him the stable home he never had?

Fourteen-year-old Bentzi Ben-Ami may be too young to vote, but he refuses to stand by apathetically while his country makes shortsighted decisions. With his brother’s newfound attraction to yeshivah life, he feels he must act — but will he be walking into a precarious trap?

In Orange Groves, renowned author Rachel Pomerantz reacquaints readers with many of the beloved characters from Wildflower, Cactus Blossoms, and Bells and Pomegranates as they confront political protests, teens on the edge, bureaucratic red tape, and ultimately their own prejudices in this thought-provoking story.