Moznei Tzedek

Moznei Tzedek

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An In-Depth Explanation and Listing of Precise Amounts Required for the Mitzvos of the Pesach Seder and Other Mitzvos Throughout the Year

How much matza must I eat?
How much maror?
Is there a convenient way to measure them?

These and similar perplexing questions are familiar issues of the Pesach Seder. Throughout the year similar questions arise:

How much must I eat to make a Brocha Acharona?
What about cake?
How big must a pair of tzitzis be?

This sefer answers these and many other questions by stating clear-cut quantities to be used for numerous mitzvos. It also gives practical suggestions for measuring the amounts to be used for various mitzvos.

In addition, this sefer contains a thorough, detailed elucidation of the subject of Shiurei Hamitzvos, specifically detailing the basis for the most commonly followed sets of measurements: those of the Chazon Ish, Harav Chim No'e and Harav Moshe Feinstein.
By: Rabbi Dovid Braunfeld