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The unforgettable, thrilling sequel to School of Secrets

“This is too much like a mystery novel for my liking — a group of people contained in a building or on an island. In other words,” Yael added darkly, “it has to be one of us.”

MK Simon Dean and his wife, Antonia, are visiting Ner Miriam Seminary, whose staff and students are eager to honor and impress the famous couple. But due to a shocking turn of events, the unassuming school on the rocky crags of England’s south coast becomes a crime scene. There’s no going in or out — it’s on lockdown.

Meanwhile, fearless supersleuth Yael Reed is on a mission for closure and clarity as she bravely sets out to meet her biological mother. Will she be welcomed with open arms, or regret her decision to revisit that chapter of her troubled past?

In Lockdown, talented author Ruthie Pearlman reacquaints readers with the unforgettable cast of characters first introduced in the wildly popular School of Secrets. This long-awaited sequel will keep you so locked into the thrill of the read that you won’t want it to end.