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A Novel

"She seemed to have known you," the guard says.
"I did not know her."
"She called you by name. Jamilla."
The guard is waiting for an answer, but there is no answer that I can really give him. 
"She called me Jamilla." I shrug. "But I am Yaffa." Yaffa and Jamilla. They are one and the same, I know, but sometimes they are two completely different people... 

Jaffa Levneh has come a long way from the Arab village of Isawiya, where she and her brother had spent their childhood. But nothing could prepare her for the utter devastation she experiences when she learns the awful truth about her beloved brother. And that, she soon discovers, is only the beginning of her nightmare...

Jamilla is a roller coaster of a novel, written by popular author Rachel Berger, with drama and suspense at every turn of the ride. With a cast of relatable characters who develop and change along their journey, and a plot laden with heart-stopping action, Jamilla is sure to become a favorite among all thriller-lovers.