Diamonds from the Past

Diamonds from the Past

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A novel by popular writer Ruth Benjamin

A Mound of Rocks pushed down onto his chest and arm. He was dying, being buried alive.

When Moshe Sher takes a massive loan to avoid bankruptcy, he plunges headlong into an international web of intrigue and deception.

How could he marry her now? She was penniless!

Left without money or status, his daughter is forced to break off a promising shidduch.

She suddenly felt a sense of sadness, of depression, of helplessness which was becoming her companion all too often these days.

And his wife, Esther, is thrust into turmoil.
But Moshe is pulled back into the diamond industry when commissioned by the police force to probe a cache if ancient diamonds. His investigation takes him to West Africa, where, in the shadow of the slaves castles, Moshe is unwittingly entangled in the diamond mafia's internal battles. When all seems desperate, only his wit and faith can save him.

Even if he screamed, people would turn over in their sleep, attributing the noise to the shrill ghostly screams of the ancient slaves.

In Diamonds from the Past, popular writer Ruth Benjamin spins a tale that is magnificent in its scope and endless in its implications. For each page is filled with spine-tilling adventure, and each line infused with insight and faith.