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Chabad And Ponovitz

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This book is very different than any of the other books I wrote. Simply put, I never fathomed that I could actually write such a work. From 1970 until his death in 2001, Rabbi Elazar Menachem Shach was the most vocal opponent of the Rebbe and Lubavitch.

During my years of study in Lubavitch Yeshivas (1967-1984), I harbored deep feelings of disrespect towards him. He disrespected my Rebbe, whom I love deeply, and that was all I needed to know. Thirty-five years have passed, many of them spent, together with my wife, doing the Rebbe's work, that he personally appointed us to do. I have traveled the highways and byways of Jewish history, biography, and ethnography.

It is now clear to me that while Rabbi Shach undoubtedly attacked the Rebbe, I can move past my anger and attempt to understand his point-of-view. I am not justifying anything; I refuse to forget anything; I remain a loyal Chasid. Yet, is not now the time to engage in a conversation with our brothers and sisters, to truly be present, and attempt to hear their story from across the religious and political divide?

Honest discussion can only lead to spiritual refinement and stronger unity between the current warring factions in our camps.