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Breslov Institute

BMoitsoei Yoim Mnuchoh CD


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B’Moitso’ei Yoim M’nuchoh

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Rebbe Nachman of Breslov relates in Likutey Moharan I: 117, that the reason why people find it difficult to sleep on motso’ei Shabbos, is that at this time there occurs a powerful revelation of Eliyohu HaNovi, who is tasked with heralding the coming of Moshiach and answering all the difficult and as yet unanswered questions establishing truth and eliminating falsehood.

The Rebbe teaches that since the origin of untruth, the Serpent in the primordial garden, is the cause of death and sleep is one sixtieth of death (Brochos 57b), the presence of Eliyohu with his remedy for falsehood/death, pushes off sleep. The strength of this revelation of Eliyohu is because for the two days previous he cannot come (see Eruvin 43b). The buildup of longing causes restlessness that manifests in increased sleeplessness and the need to go out, often to sing and dance. — Just as we sing z’miros to escort the Shabbos as it enters, we do as it departs, as one would escort a king’s arrival and departure. In this spirit many of Israel’s greatest poets composed songs for the Maleve Malka, sung as Shabbos blends into the new week.

Many of the beautiful songs for motso’ei Shabbos relate to Eliyohu and his assigned tasks. The meal at this occasion is even called the “Fourth Meal of Shabbos.” It is brought down in Likutey Moharan II, Lesson 104 that Rebbe Nachman was particularly emphatic about singing through all the order of z’miros on Shabbos, including the “Fourth meal.” The melodies sung at the Breslover motso’ei Shabbos table are a treasure of stirring beauty and soulfulness. With this collection, we have tried to include the complete order with the main nuscho’ois. so May we be blessed to spend our motso’ei Shabbos sleepless nights singing these melodies and bringing great nachas to God; and may this speed the arrival of Moshiach tsidkeinu and binyan beis hamikdash omein v’omein.

Research, production, and arrangements: Ben Zion Solomon.
Lead Vocals: HaRav Moishe Bienenstock Shlit”a
Men’s Vocals: Ben Zion, Yehuda, Noach, Nachman, Yosef,
and Sruli Solomon.
Boys’ Vocals: Doiv Mordechai, and Zisha Solomon.
Guitars: Meir, Ben Zion and Nachman Solomon
Bass Guitar: Yosef Solomon
Contrabass: Yonatan Fialka
Piano: Leib Ya’acov Rigler
Violin: Daniel Ahaviel
Mandolin: Sruli Solomon
Clarinet: Nachman Zucker
Flute: T. Attias
Trumpet: Avraham Berk
Trombone: David Bogner
Cello: Yonatan Niv
Percussion: Yitzchak Attias

Dimensions 6 ×0.2 × 6 in