Beyond the Wedding Ring

Beyond the Wedding Ring

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A Guide for Marriage Based on the Pesukim of Eishes Chayil

by Rav Gavriel Royde

"This unique sefer sensitively covers a vast amount of significant issues, yet each page is pleasant and interesting to read. The blend of lofty aspirations with realistic expectations make this a book that every kallah should read.

Rabbi Royde has turned the dream of wearing the crown of an eishes chayil into a reality within our reach."

Rebbetzin M. S., Montreal

"Rabbi G. Royde presents the public with practical advice and many real-life stories illustrating how to deal with the responsibilities and challenges of married life.

This is a book which should be on every household bookshelf, to be referred to frequently. In particular its help will be crucial in the times of conflict which inevitably arise in any home."

Rebbetzin B. S., London