Are You Connecting?

Are You Connecting?

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Over 100 Powerful Strategies for Bringing Hashem into Your Life

We have heard about dveykus, usually translated as attachment to Hashem, and we think that such a state is reserved only for the supremely righteous. But a better translation for dveykus is probably connection. And we can all connect powerfully to Hashem in our own way.

"Dveykus to Hashem includes thinking of Hashem and His love constantly. One's thoughts should not separate from Him." (Rambam, Devorim 11:22)

Of course, there are lower and higher levels of dveykus but whenever we think of Hashem we connect with Him and we are involved in dveykus.

This book was written to help us become more connected to Hashem in our daily lives. Much more than we think, dveykus is within our reach!