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All of Our Lives

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An Anthology of Contemporary Jewish Writing

It's Our Lives on every page!
Another Our Lives anthology featuring the phenomenal literary talent of Jewish writers.

Yet again, world renowned writer and editor Sarah Shapiro's ability to unearth hidden literary gems within the Jewish world has produced another groundbreaking anthology of fabulous writing.

All of Our Lives features an eclectic mix of well-known writers - Jonathan Rosenblum, Sheina Medwed, Chava Dumas, Rabbi Nechemia Coopersmith, Shaindel Bulman, Bassi Gruen, Naomi Lobl, Rabbi Avi Shafran, Tzvia Ehrlich-Klein - as well as plenty of fresh, new talent.

Experience the salty taste of a cracker dissolving on a child's tongue. A law student dangling from a ten-foot-high, spiked university wall. A teenager contemplating the gray walls of the closed psychiatric ward. A new father navigating the world of Down syndrome. This unforgettable book is a reading experience: writing that is haunting, exhilarating and stirring.

Enter their worlds, enter their lives.