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Abarbanel on the Torah

Abarbanel on the Torah

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Selected essays from the Commentary of Don Isaac Abarbanel

Today Torah in its original Holy Tongue is learned around the world in so many languages and perhaps part of this mending process is to facilitate reentry into the world of the Original through elevated use of the languages of our dispersion.

Thus has my dear talmid, colleague, friend, Rabbi Pinchas Kasnett brought forth a succinct and loyal-to-the-original elegant digest of the Abarbanel’s immortal words. Rabbi Kasnett and all of his compatriots at Ohr Somayach rejoice in this work, and, of course, urge all readers/learners to take this friendly gate of reentry to reconnect to the holy words of the Abarbanel in its original.

—From the Foreword by Rabbi Nota Schiller