A Fortunate Find

A Fortunate Find

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A Double Trouble Mystery

It all started at a family celebration at the Kosher Wonton. Meir and his best friend Shloimy are excited to see Mr. Cook, their former camp chef, who now works in the restaurant. Their joy quickly turns to puzzlement when Meir's sister Shira notices something strange about the messages in the fortune cookies.

Who could possibly be tampering with the restaurant's fortune cookies? And why?
Can Meir and Shloimy get to the bottom of this mystery without ending up in trouble?

Eager to uncover what's going on behind the scenes at the Kosher Wonton, Meir and Shloimy quickly enlist the help of their new older friend, Michael Schwartz. Michael is sure the boys are overreacting but reluctantly agrees to help out... and is shocked by what he finds.

Has Michael stumbled upon something suspicious, or is it all just baseless speculation? The boys' sleuthing suddenly leads them into serious danger, with surprising discoveries unfolding all the while.

A Fortunate Find is the second book in the Double Trouble Mystery series, featuring amateur sleuths Meir and Shloimy. Written by popular children's author Rivkah Small, this winning story is much more than a fortunate find!