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The Disappearing Dowry

The Disappearing Dowry

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An Ezra Melamed Mystery

Enter the picturesque world of Regency England.

It is the summer of 1810. The Lyon family of London is eagerly preparing for the wedding of their eldest daughter Hannah. But as the women bustle from the dressmaker to the haberdasher, Mr. Samuel Lyon, a well-respected clockmaker and member of London's Jewish elite, suffers a crushing blow.

In the blink of an eye Mr. Lyon's entire fortune is lost. Not only has his bank gone bankrupt, but someone has stolen the last of his money. Instead of leading Hannah to the chuppah, Mr. Lyon might be leading his devastated family to the debtor's ward of Newgate Prison.

The Lyons are on the verge of despair when help arrives from an unexpected source: Mr. Ezra Melamed, wealthy widower and benefactor of London’s Jewish community. Anxious to help Mr. Lyon recover his fortune, Mr. Melamed goes beyond London's fashionable streets to search for clues in the darkest places. With only a key, a button, and a few cryptic words from a Chassidic Rebbe to guide him, can Mr. Melamed restore the disappearing dowry to its rightful owners...before the Lyon family faces total ruin?

Libi Astaire, highly acclaimed author and journalist , opens up a whole new genre with this masterful tale of suspense. Her rich tapestry of unforgettable characters and her vivid portrayal of Regency London capture the charm of historical fiction, with the intriguing twist of a Jewish mystery.