Mysterious Powers Comic Story

Mysterious Powers Comic Story

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Yerushalayim, 5577.

Dozens of yeshivah students pore over their studies in Yeshivat Hamekubalim Beit Kel, guided by their rosh yeshivah, Rabi Avraham Shalom Sharabi.

A promising new era begins. Chaim Parchi, the sheikh's minister from Damascus, has promised to support the yeshiva students, allowing them to continue studying Torah without needing to worry about providing for their families.

But then one day, the money deliveries suddenly stop. No one knows why. ANd a mysterious journey to Damascus commences...

What happened to Minister Chaim Parchi? What terrifying vision did the sheikh see? Who are Karpas, Mussa, Hummus, and Tumeric, and where did they disappear to?
In this fast-paced plot, you will meet a simple grocer who is not really simple at all. a jealous Arab devising a lowly plot, fearless robbers attacking in middle of the night, and a tzaddik with a far-reaching vision and an outstanding ability to change nature itself with his prayers.